Below are some specific links that we hope will be helpful for educators and their students. TTS does not recommend any site nor are we responsible for its content.  Please contact us

Here are some interesting links in a variety of areas covering a myriad of subjects: – for information on singers, writers, scientists, politicians, royalty past, and present. – National Geographic’s maps including political, topographical, historical, street, flags and facts and more. – on line experts ranging from astronauts to zookeepers answer questions for all grades.

Best books ever – searches web sites to find the lowers prices on books, cd’s and dvd’s. – use this site to look up computer virus warnings, giveaways, safety alerts before acting on them. – find acronyms, abbreviations, almanacs, and many other topics. – for national parks and historic sites. Features a national park of the week. – flu updates, symptoms and treatment. – chariot racing, earthquake simulation, and other games make learning fun for kids. – online puzzles. – over 38,000 quotes by 10,000 authors from Aristotle to Zappa. – visit Homer Hickam’s web site, author of Rocket Boys. – a music learning web site for children and their families, sponsored by the San Francisco Orchestra. – This a book site with good education books for learning.